ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

CORE Systems

CORE systems offer a permeable, green solution for stabilized gravel driveways, turf reinforcement, and decorative glowing landscaping possibilities!

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CORE Systems:


CORE Glow is an eco-friendly pebble made out of recycled plastic which gives off lighting that requires no electricity or power. Also available in recycled glass, this renewable light source…

CORE Systems:

CORE Grass

CORE Grass is the ideal green choice for low impact parking. Ideal for overflow parking, public places, access roads, and driveways, CORE Grass is stabilized so turf can grow with…

CORE Systems:

CORE Gravel

CORE Gravel is a stabilized gravel system consisting of panels of connected honeycomb cells with a geotextile backing. Made with 100% recycled plastics, the manufacturing process allows the creation of…

CORE Systems:


Using local stone, glass or other products, you can create a surface that blends, conforms and integrates more cohesively into your landscape surface. Using the structurally stable honeycomb shaped grid…

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