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ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

Thursday, 18 December 2014 19:51

Paving Stones: Mega Bergerac

Mega-Bergerac emulates the European rustic look but in a larger more robust fashion. The grander stones match the feel of natural stone products like granite and bluestone. With finely cobbled surface, irregular shapes and rich granite-like textures, Mega-Bergerac is the choice for building the finest driveways, patios and pool decks. Its ashlar-installed pattern, similar to its counterpart, Dublin Cobble Modular, resembles ancient cobble stone pavements that date back to the Roman Empire.

Mega-Bergerac paving stones come in four delicately shaded colors designed to blend in natural harmony with those of Dublin Cobble paving stone and Celtik retaining walls, as well as with several of the most popular brick colors.



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