ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

Outdoor Accessories: Classic Precast

Barkman Site Furnishings - Classic Precast

Add distinctive flair to your next interior or exterior landscaping project with our wide selection of attractive site furnishings and accessories. We have unlimited shapes and color combinations to choose from, and our simple, yet classic styling makes our furnishings ideal for almost any application.

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Accessories - Wide Variety of Classic Precast Options

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Barkman has gone a step further in providing you with highly durable and various classic precast options that can be used for commercial, municipal and residential applications. Available accessories include Splash Pads, Rain Drain/Floor Drain, Bollards, Bike Stands, Tree Grates, Bumper Curbs, Boat Ramp, Round and Square Snuffers.


Concrete Benches - Naturally Attractive and Durable

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Barkman’s Pebblestone Benches combine cedar wood and concrete elements and are available for commercial, municipal and even residential use. All cedar components have been coated to ensure long lasting appeal. These are available in the following types – Park Bench, Garden Bench, Plaza Bench, Wellington Bench, Weston Bench and Brandon Bench, and will surely enhance your property or park areas.


Tables - Built to Last

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Our classic pebblestone tables incorporate a classic design and are available for commercial, municipal and even for residential use. Solid and built to last, these can be purchased in the following types – Patio Table, Rectangular Picnic Tables, Wheelchair Access Table and Courtyard Table. Unlike plastic and wood alternatives, our tables will not fade and deteriorate and their weight makes them theft and wind proof too.


Waste Containers - Built to Withstand Any Environment

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Our highly durable Waste Containers come in a classic pebblestone design that’s available in square and round shapes. It comes complete with a band, lid, liner and base. A snuffer attachment can also be added along with custom band lettering.


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