ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

ProductsA Huge Variety of Quality Landscape Supply Products

Outdoor Accessories: GFRC Accessories

Barkman Site Furnishings - GFRC Accessories

Add distinctive flair to your next interior or exterior landscaping project with our wide selection of attractive site furnishings and accessories. We have unlimited shapes and color combinations to choose from, and our simple, yet classic styling makes our furnishings ideal for almost any application.

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Trays for Planters

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Trays for Planters


Ash Urns - Stylish and Functional

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With its simple and elegant design, Barkman’s ash urns serve its function while remaining stylish in any setting. Options for GFRC and aluminum trays are available.


GFRC Benches - Create a More Inviting and Comfortable Space

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Benches are important part of any architectural space. Whether it’s for a private garden or a commercial area, benches create a more inviting and comfortable setting for anyone to enjoy. Our GFRC Benches offer just that, with our selection of sizes and colors that complement any space it occupies.


GFRC Waste Containers - Elegant and Durable

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Our GFRC waste containers have a simple and elegant design and offer the utmost in durability and require minimum to no maintenance. We provide options for lid, poly liner, ash and trash lids, which are spun aluminum.


Self Watering Insert - Spend Less Time Waterning

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Keep your plants healthy and beautiful with a Barkman self-watering planter insert. This add-on system is available in two square and two round sizes that fit most Barkman planters (larger planters simply use two inserts that connect to a single drain hole). The self-watering planter insert provides plants with moisture whenever needed, reducing the amount of maintenance costs. Talk with your local sales associate for more information.


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