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Monday, 05 January 2015 07:15

Retaining Walls: Roman Pisa

For a rugged look that blends beautifully with your outdoor space, Roman Pisa is a natural.

Split and weathered-looking, Roman Pisa boasts a distressed appearance that gives the impression that it has been around for decades.

Admired as much for its versatility as its look, Roman Pisa can be used to form straight or curved walls, as well as planters and steps.


Monday, 05 January 2015 06:57

Retaining Walls: Quarry Stone

The Heart of Any Landscape

The well-worn appeal of Quarry Stone delivers the appearance of a classic wall or structural accent that's been a part of the landscape forever. Understated and functional, Quarry Stone comes in a variety of colors that can be interchanged to create unique accents in your project.

These blocks are perfect for any freestanding walls 2 foot or lower and are perfect for any sensational accent including architectural pillars and enclosing your patio. Blended iron oxide pigments create a look similar to an older roman era style stone.

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quarrystone 2017 1

Monday, 05 January 2015 06:50

Retaining Walls: Pisa2

Clean, Classic Look

Define your backyard with the distinct edge of our Pisa2 walls. It has a split face look that creates a clean, classic appearance and a tapered design that allows versatility for straight or curved walls. It allows for gravity walls up to 4 feet in height and engineered walls upwards of 30 feet high.

Pisa2 retaining walls offer the flexibility of design and the quarried stone appearance that architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners are looking for. The ideal way to handle grade changes in any landscape or garden project and can be used to increase the amount of usable space for patios, terraces and parking.

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pisa2 2017 1

Monday, 05 January 2015 06:46

Retaining Walls: Outcropping

Make a Bold Statement

Rosetta Outcropping walls bring the natural allure of ancient stone walls to your project with this highly accessible and majestically impressive product. Easier to work with than natural stone, you'll be enjoying your newly transformed backyard paradise in no time.

The relatively large dimensions of the Rosetta Outcropping units allow you to create grand, structural walls in a scale that is both believable and inspiring. The Outcropping Collection was designed with 12 unique size units and 24 unique stone textures to create the most natural appearance possible. Fully engineered to exacting specifications, the Outcropping Collection is not limited by the inconsistent properties of natural stone, yet maintains its appearance and feel.

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  • Beautiful weathered stone textures.
  • Consistent dimensions = fast installation.
  • Quality materials = long term durability.
  • Engineered, interlocking units suitable for any application.
  • Multiple natural color blends.
  • Freestanding units also available.



Monday, 05 January 2015 06:42

Retaining Walls: Dimensional Wall

Versatility That Enhances Any Landscape.

The Dimensional Wall Collection is a great choice for garden walls, freestanding walls, columns and edging with a unique hand-chiseled texture. 

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Dimensional Wall 2017 1

Dimensional Wall 2017 1a

Monday, 05 January 2015 06:39

Retaining Walls: Country Manor Stonegate

Keystone’s Stonegate Country Manor combines an elegant weathered stone appearance with almost endless design possibilities. This versatile wall system allows for the easy creation of gravity retaining walls up to 3-feet in height*, free-standing walls, and outdoor living elements such as kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, benches and more.

Stonegate is now available in two different finish options: Old World & Contemporary. Old World satisfies requirements for a more weathered aesthetic while Contemporary provides a modern appeal.With the patented Keystone pin system, making beautifully aesthetic freestanding walls that are structurally sound with ease is a possibility.

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Keystone StonegateCountryManor 2017 1


Monday, 05 January 2015 06:34

Retaining Walls: Country Manor

Keystone Country Manor offers the appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls with the strength and ease of installation provided in the pin connected retaining wall technology. Rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete units appear as natural stone that has weathered over time like the old world stone walls found throughout Europe.

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Keystone CountryManor3pc PSS2017 1

Monday, 05 January 2015 06:26

Retaining Walls: Compac3 - Straight Split

The Keystone Compac unit is an installer’s favorite. Featuring an open core design and the pin connection system that is trusted by engineers and contractors around the world, the Keystone Compac is lighter weight than other structural blocks and has a shortened tail design that makes it easier to handle and perfect for projects that do not require the embedment length of the Keystone Standard unit.

In addition to the traditional sculptured/tri-planar and straight-face face styles, the Keystone Compac is now available in a variety weather finish options.

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Compac III StraightSplit PSS2017 1

Compac III StraightSplit PSS2017 2

Monday, 05 January 2015 06:18

Retaining Walls: Century Wall

Crafted specifically for taller wall structures and heavy loading conditions where aesthetics are paramount, Keystone Century Wall offers the distinctive appearance and character of a random-pattern, natural stone wall with the structural integrity, performance, and the environmental friendliness of concrete.

This three-piece system is perfect for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. When combined with the three units of 4” Keystone Half Century Wall, the design possibilities are endless!



Monday, 05 January 2015 06:10

Retaining Walls: Belvedere

Create Timeless Appeal

With multiple sizes and 64 unique stone textures, Rosetta Belvedere walls can help you recreate finely crafted stone walls that can create an impact for many years. Its front and back surfaces have a highly natural weathered texture, which allows it to be used for two-sided freestanding walls. It’s the ideal choice for garden retaining walls, seat walls, enclosure and tiered walls, firepits, outdoor kitchens and more.


  • Natural stone texture on both front and back.
  • Attractive freestanding and retaining walls possible.
  • Dimensional = fast installation and no waste.
  • Natural color blends available.
  • Walls, columns, steps and more = creative possibilities

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belvedere colors 1a


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