With the upcoming summer, several Surrey and Vancouver families are considering paving and landscaping their properties to enhance them visually. Here are some tips to plan your future deck or patio so that you and your family can have wonderful summers ahead.

Choose what kind of deck or patio

There are different styles and kinds of decks and patios available in the market. In fact, you can get some incredible ideas online on the design and structure of your deck and patio. Choose a design that suits your home’s needs. In general, patios are attached to your home. These are typically slightly at a lower level than the rest of the homerooms. If you are worried about privacy, you can opt for a terrace at ground level which you can access via stairs or a path, in case you want to keep it separate from your home.


A lot of design and structure elements of your patio or deck will be determined by the activity you wish to conduct on your patio or terrace. If you want to simply have a seating arrangement with few chairs and a table, the structure is fairly simple. However, if you wish to use your patio for grilling or to get your friends and family together, you will need special arrangements to ensure the safety and proper installation of your outdoor grills. It is imperative to let your patio or deck designer know how you intend to use it so that they will design and structure it accordingly.

Deciding on dimensions

Your patio’s size and shape will largely depend on the dimensions of your home. If your home and land are restricted, your patio or deck will be constructed depending on the shape and size of your place. Ideally, it is best to stick to simple shapes. You can still have a division within to indicate different areas like a terrace garden, barbeque space and a relaxing chair place.

Building the foundation

Building a solid foundation is a critical aspect of the patio or terrace. The design you choose and the type of soil you have will determine what your best options are. An expert on deck and patio construction will only be able to provide you with the best advice regarding this. Although several choices are readily available in the market like screw piles, concrete bases or sonotubes, it is best to engage a trustworthy landscape paver for an informed opinion. Usually, patios and decks are pre-built with treated wood before you decide to place them on concrete bases or directly on the soil for stability.


If you are thinking about building a deck or patio, it is important to entrust the complete responsibility to a professional Surrey and Vancouver landscaper, right from installing landscape pavers to stone veneer steps to the entire construction or whether it is getting the landscape products and supplies. Call Gemstone Landscape Supply today to plan your complete patio and deck with their state-of-the-art